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A restaurant specializing in Southern Chinese cuisine.


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Top Reviewer
A really amazing ramen, with veggie broth and tons of really high quality fish. I was really impressed, thank you!


1 review
Small menu, but everything Ive had has been delicious. Prices are very fair and delivery is extremely fast.


1 review
Great food and prepared on time.


1 review
Tasty and speedy. Will be back.


1 review
Cozy and delicious and fast

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Ka Yeon

2 reviews
Love this place. This is my usual go to place for lunch and I am so happy to find this on seamless now. Really new and clean place (I usually walk there), kind staff, AWESOME spicy food. Today was my first time getting this delivered and it came 20 minutes faster than estimated time. You know how valuable that is right?


Top Reviewer
Order here at least once a week. The food always arrives ahead of delivery time. The Bao Bao noodles are amazing and the staff is always super friendly.


1 review
I love their hot pot! Very spicy, great use of hot peppers and black peppers, and the thinly sliced beef is very tasty.


2 reviews
great food! would definitely order again. Super happy with the delivery too. The food came in great condition :)f


1 review
Love the little hot pot. delivery is fast even though it's a little further away than other midtown restaurants

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Serving the best Southern Chinese cuisine by New York City's East River. The banging noodles, the extraordinary spice, THE Bao Bao Cafe.